Good Morning Planet Haskell

Here’s something I’ve been spending waaaay too much time on, but I wasn’t happy with the results the first try, or the second try, or the third try and . . . I can be very stubborn.

Encephalon at Dawn

This is actually very low resolution. It uses a simple media ray tracer that can handle some common atmosphere models. The tracer runs in a background thread and the result is just pasted onto a sky sphere.

More shots as I refine the lighting.

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About Christopher Lane Hinson

A hairy haskell hacker with interests in games, computer science, and social justice.
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4 Responses to Good Morning Planet Haskell

  1. Artyom Shalkhakov says:

    Seems very nice.

    What is it? Is it a ray tracer in Haskell or a game?

  2. Artyom Shalkhakov says:

    Oh, I have browsed here a bit, and now I get what it’s all about.

    Please excuse my laziness. :)

  3. Lane says:

    Ywa, I should set a more obvious link. :)

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