ANN: Roguestar

Roguestar is now up on hackage.  You can install and run with:

$ cabal install roguestar roguestar-glut roguestar-engine
& ~/.cabal/bin/roguestar

The latest version brings:

  • New monsters: Hellions and Dust Vortexes
  • Underground dungeons
  • Power-ups (hidden in the aforementioned dungeons) that serve to level-up the player’s character.
  • Improved walking animation.
  • It’s no longer possible to spawn with zero sight range.
  • Fixed some of the worst of the user interface glitches.

Under the hood, I’ve also split RSAGL into a few topic-specific libraries and implemented value recursion in rsagl-frp.  There is an experimental GTK-based client, but I don’t recommend it just yet, which is why it isn’t on hackage.

I’ve also migrated the project to github, which includes source code, the manual, and the issue tracker.

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