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A hairy haskell hacker with interests in games, computer science, and social justice.

Richard Dawkins, Can We Please Just Not?

Richard Dawkins wants the logical people of the world to use hypothetical constructs instead of actual facts: Two miners are trapped underground by an explosion. They could be saved, but it would cost a million dollars. That million could be … Continue reading

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All User Interfaces Should Be Designed for Albert Einstein

Think about it. Professor Einstein is the ultimate non-technical user. He’s never seen a personal computer before. He doesn’t understand any computing metaphor or jargon. The application must teach him everything he needs to know, and he should get the … Continue reading

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Did willfully create a disturbance . . .

Last week I was arrested and charged with 2nd degree trespassing, failing to disperse on command, and “creating a disturbance in the North Carolina State Legislative Building with loud singing and yelling and/or displaying unauthorized signs.” I didn’t go to … Continue reading

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Liberty vs. Safety

Since the recent wiretapping scandal I have been reminded a few times by a few different people of this adage: They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. I would … Continue reading

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Cats are Parasites

Cats are parasites. Dogs, by comparison, enjoy a mutually beneficial symbiosis with humans. The dog benefits from the human’s technology and problem solving skills while the human benefits from the dog’s keen instincts and senses. Cats use their cuteness and … Continue reading

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Not a Voice for Me

A couple of weeks ago while searching for information on an unrelated issue, I came across an article, titled “Herding Porcupines in the MRM,” linking the Men’s Right Movement to Quakerism on the site, A Voice for Men.  Please be … Continue reading

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ANN: Roguestar

Roguestar is now up on hackage.  You can install and run with: The latest version brings: New monsters: Hellions and Dust Vortexes Underground dungeons Power-ups (hidden in the aforementioned dungeons) that serve to level-up the player’s character. Improved walking … Continue reading

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