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A hairy haskell hacker with interests in games, computer science, and social justice.

All User Interfaces Should Be Designed for Albert Einstein

Think about it. Professor Einstein is the ultimate non-technical user. He’s never seen a personal computer before. He doesn’t understand any computing metaphor or jargon. The application must teach him everything he needs to know, and he should get the … Continue reading

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Did willfully create a disturbance . . .

Last week I was arrested and charged with 2nd degree trespassing, failing to disperse on command, and “creating a disturbance in the North Carolina State Legislative Building with loud singing and yelling and/or displaying unauthorized signs.” I didn’t go to … Continue reading

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Liberty vs. Safety

Since the recent wiretapping scandal I have been reminded a few times by a few different people of this adage: They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. I would … Continue reading

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