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As I’ve found myself repeatedly writing a bit of code that looked vaguely like this: get :: SomeArrow String (Maybe Thing) foo :: [Thing] -> FooThing . . . getAToZ :: SomeArrow () (Maybe FooThing) getAToZ = proc () -> … Continue reading

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He Said She Said

Donald Knuth says: If people do discover nice ways to use the newfangled multithreaded machines, I would expect the discovery to come from people who routinely use literate programming. This is called Haskell.

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Little Things that Bother Me in Haskell

(++) is basically `mappend`. (.) is basically `fmap`. Others? I’m told that (++) originally was `mappend`, but it was specialized to avoid confusing the newbies. I’m not going to waste bytes arguing with consensus formed before I knew the language … Continue reading

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