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Liberty vs. Safety

Since the recent wiretapping scandal I have been reminded a few times by a few different people of this adage: They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. I would … Continue reading

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ANN: Roguestar

Roguestar is now up on hackage.  You can install and run with: The latest version brings: New monsters: Hellions and Dust Vortexes Underground dungeons Power-ups (hidden in the aforementioned dungeons) that serve to level-up the player’s character. Improved walking … Continue reading

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Paintable User Interfaces

It seems like it should be possible to have some kind of GUI library in which user interface elements can be painted onto the screen frame-by-frame, instead of the common practice of assembling an object-oriented hierarchy of widgets. I’m thinking … Continue reading

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