Good Morning Planet Haskell

Here’s something I’ve been spending waaaay too much time on, but I wasn’t happy with the results the first try, or the second try, or the third try and . . . I can be very stubborn.

Encephalon at Dawn

This is actually very low resolution. It uses a simple media ray tracer that can handle some common atmosphere models. The tracer runs in a background thread and the result is just pasted onto a sky sphere.

More shots as I refine the lighting.

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ANN: Roguestar 0.2.2

Roguestar 0.2.2 is up correcting various minor issues, and eliminating the runtime dependency on netpipes.

$ cabal update
$ cabal install roguestar-engine
$ cabal install roguestar-gl
$ ~/.cabal/bin/roguestar

There are no new gameplay features, although I expect to have some interesting screenshots up in the next week.

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ANN: Roguestar 0.2.1

Tarball: roguestar-0.2.1.tar.gz

Thanks to gwern, roguestar has now been cabalized and is available on hackage.

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ANN: Roguestar 0.2

darcs 2: darcs get –lazy

After much delay, I’m happy to announce Roguestar 0.2.

Roguestar is a science fiction themed roguelike (turn-based,
chessboard-tiled, role playing) game written in Haskell. Roguestar uses
OpenGL for graphics. This is still a very early release and several
important things don’t work.

This initial release allows you to play one of six alien races. You begin
the game stranded on an alien planet, fighting off an endless hoard of
hostile robots.

RSAGL, the RogueStar Animation and Graphics Library, includes a
domain-specific monad for 3D modelling of arbitrary parametric surfaces,
as well as an animation monad and arrow, which is more or less like YAMPA
as a stack of arrow transformers. RSAGL was specifically designed for
roguestar, but every effort has been made (including the license) to make
it accessable to other projects that might benefit from it. Performance
is an issue, but there is a lot of low-hanging fruit in this area.

Roguestar is released under the Affero General Public License version 3.
However, RSAGL uses a permissive license.

I would be absolutely thrilled to receive any feedback anyone may have on
the design and aesthetics of the game, especially in the form of source

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Reptilian with Trees

This is a reptilian standing among some trees. The trees need work.

But, this is the last feature for what is going to be the 0.2 release. There is nothing, coding wise, left to do, only documentation.


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Here’s a Caduceator:

These squishy aliens descended from swamp-dwelling parasites, and have squishy little suction cup hands. Despite this, they are quite friendly.


Only one reptilian race left, and a tree.

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This highly evolved Ascendant has no need for a physical body.

I have two species left. Three if you count trees.


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