This highly evolved Ascendant has no need for a physical body.

I have two species left. Three if you count trees.


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He Said She Said

Donald Knuth says: If people do discover nice ways to use the newfangled multithreaded machines, I would expect the discovery to come from people who routinely use literate programming.

This is called Haskell.

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Here’s the next creature, an Androsynth. The head is ok, the body and limbs need work, but I’ll tolerate them as they are for now.


Androsynths were created to house the disembodied minds of the Ascendents (next), before they evolved beyond the need for any physical form.

Based on this guy, who I did four or five years ago:


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Work and Screenshots

I’ve finished — baring bugs — all of the game logic for 0.0.2. I still have some modeling and documentation to finish. There is some work that I’m rather pleased with, including a Perception monad that restricts code to one creature’s point of view, and a Location ADT that uses typewitnesses and polymorphism to strip away a lot of special-casing.

Oh, right, screenshots. This is an encephalon being menaced by two recreants. Recreants are obsolete robots left behind from long-forgotten wars. Recreants are dangerous, but not formidable.


Next screenshot: Androsynths.

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Encephalon with Phaser (Screenshot)

First, hello to planet linode.

This little guy is an encephalon, a super-intelligent fungus that lives in its own flexible metal environment suit. He’s carrying a phaser, and he’s probably grouchy. He’s grouchy because his programmer has not yet programmed any bad guys for him to fight.


The very first, long delayed but very primitive release of roguestar should only be a few days off.

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In addition to implementing legs, I have improved the performance of the arrow-based animation very significantly.


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Glowy Thingy


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