ANN: Roguestar-

Roguestar is a science fiction roguelike game written using Haskell and OpenGL.  It is in the early stages of development.  At this time, it is not a winnable game.

$ cabal install roguestar-engine
$ cabal install roguestar-gl
$ ~/.cabal/bin/roguestar

– or –

$ git clone
$ cd roguestar
$ git checkout
$ make install

New gameplay features:

  • Melee combat, sundering and disarming attacks
  • Weapons can sometimes overheat or explode
  • Gateway teleportation between planets
  • Use material-spheres to craft new tools
  • Use material-spheres to heal
  • Tab-completion of typed commands
  • Compass directions to significant artifacts
  • “Jump” short distances by teleporting

New objects:

  • Chromalite material spheres
  • Metallic material spheres
  • Gaseous material spheres
  • Energy sabres and fleurets
  • Gateways
  • Monoliths

New graphics features:

  • Randomly generated sky spheres and landscapes
  • Unique fractal trees
  • Zoom-in/zoom-out

Changes under the hood:

  • Major re-write of the RSAGL FRP architecture
  • Multi-threaded 3D scene assembly and rendering
  • Multi-threaded, anticipatory engine
  • Various OpenGL performance improvements

For more information, links to the manual and git repository, visit

Check it out!