Did willfully create a disturbance . . .

Last week I was arrested and charged with 2nd degree trespassing, failing to disperse on command, and “creating a disturbance in the North Carolina State Legislative Building with loud singing and yelling and/or displaying unauthorized signs.”

I didn’t go to the general assembly to “get arrested.” I went there because my government is hurting people and I want them to stop.

I did not consent to be handcuffed, locked up, paraded in chains, or any of that. I anticipated that these things would happen, and I did not resist or disrespect the officers. I believe that police officers deserve a workplace where they are safe and free from harassment and fairly compensated, just like everyone else who works. But my view is that when they arrested me, that was a wrongdoing on their part.

My state representatives are doing sad and hurtful things to my fellow citizens. Among these are: interfering with people’s ability to vote, sabotaging our public schools, and cruelly denying health care to women.

This comes one year after the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in our state, even though gay marriage is already illegal. Nevermind the nonsense about banning Sharia law (really, what is the state constitution even for?) but explicitly allowing an official religion (presumably not Islam) in our state.

I love my state and I hurt for what my representatives are doing in my name. I don’t feel that I trespassed last week. It was my government that was trespassing on human dignity.