But does it crawl?

Roguestar is officially a dungeon crawl now, as it actually has dungeons:

An Androsynth visits the dungeon.
An Androsynth visits the dungeon.

For the moment I’m ok with the empty black pits, but I want to do something with the skylights.  Maybe slant them at an angle?  I’ll probably also change the dungeon lighting to some kind of red-orange shining up with the camera light at half-brightness.

I have a lot less free time now than I used to, so I’m trying to focus on specific game features and spend less time fiddling with stuff (like FRP semantics) under the hood.

ANN: Roguestar-

Roguestar is a science fiction roguelike game written using Haskell and OpenGL.  It is in the early stages of development.  At this time, it is not a winnable game.

$ cabal install roguestar-engine
$ cabal install roguestar-gl
$ ~/.cabal/bin/roguestar

– or –

$ git clone http://www.downstairspeople.org/git/roguestar.git
$ cd roguestar
$ git checkout
$ make install

New gameplay features:

  • Melee combat, sundering and disarming attacks
  • Weapons can sometimes overheat or explode
  • Gateway teleportation between planets
  • Use material-spheres to craft new tools
  • Use material-spheres to heal
  • Tab-completion of typed commands
  • Compass directions to significant artifacts
  • “Jump” short distances by teleporting

New objects:

  • Chromalite material spheres
  • Metallic material spheres
  • Gaseous material spheres
  • Energy sabres and fleurets
  • Gateways
  • Monoliths

New graphics features:

  • Randomly generated sky spheres and landscapes
  • Unique fractal trees
  • Zoom-in/zoom-out

Changes under the hood:

  • Major re-write of the RSAGL FRP architecture
  • Multi-threaded 3D scene assembly and rendering
  • Multi-threaded, anticipatory engine
  • Various OpenGL performance improvements

For more information, links to the manual and git repository, visit http://roguestar.downstairspeople.org.

Check it out!

A New Dawn?

This is what I imagine a very cold (~2000K) red star might look like at sunrise. I’m not sure if it matters whether it is a red giant or red dwarf — the system tries to size the star semi-realistically according to the temperature of the star and the climate of the local planet, so it should have about the same apparent size either way. A blue star would always look very small, even though these stars are always giants, because if you were ever close enough that it looked big, it would just sterilize you.

The mysterious green object in the upper right corner is a cyborg planet killer. It’s really big and powerful, so don’t **** it off.

Red Giant Sunrise

In other news, for my United Statesian readers, it’s election day! All you have to do is show up, wait in line a little while, and draw a little line to the right arrowhead, or pull a lever or however it’s done in your state. Try not to **** it up. Unless you have electronic voting machines, in which case the cyborgs will take care of it, so don’t bother.

If you have astrophysics brains and don’t mind feeding them to my zombie code monkey, maybe I can make more realistic stars?

Good Morning Planet Haskell

Here’s something I’ve been spending waaaay too much time on, but I wasn’t happy with the results the first try, or the second try, or the third try and . . . I can be very stubborn.

Encephalon at Dawn

This is actually very low resolution. It uses a simple media ray tracer that can handle some common atmosphere models. The tracer runs in a background thread and the result is just pasted onto a sky sphere.

More shots as I refine the lighting.